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Courtesy of Flubaroo.com

I LOVE GOOGLE FORMS, and I am always uncovering new ways to incorporate them into classroom instruction.  Not only are they efficient, but the data collection in spreadsheet format makes reporting so easy!

Dave Tchozewski, a fellow DEN STAR from Jenison Public Schools, shared a recent blog post in our Discovery Educator Network group on Edmodo (another tool I adore).  It was a guest post by one of his science teachers who uses the Flubaroo script in Google Forms to grade assessments administered through Google Forms.

What is Flubaroo?
Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments. I designed it for my own classroom, and want to share it with other teachers… for free! (www.flubarro.com)

What are the major benefits of Flubaroo? 

  • Computes average assignment score.
  • Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions.
  • Shows you a grade distribution graph.
  • Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key.

Here’s a snapshot of the production process for teachers:

  1. Create a multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank assessment using a form on Google Drive (click here for step by step instructions).
  2. Complete the assessment yourself (this will serve as the answer key).
  3. Grab the link to the form and post it on School Fusion (or any other course web page).
  4. While the assessment window is open, Google Drive with automatically aggregate student data into a spreadsheet as they submit their completed form.
  5. Grade the assessment by installing the Flubaroo tool into the spreadsheet (click here for directions).
  6. Flubaroo will walk you through the process of creating an answer key and checking all responses IN MINUTES!

Here are a couple snapshots of how the reporting looks:

So, doesn’t it look easy!  Give it a try with your students.  Google Forms can be accessed easily on mobile devices, too!



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